TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk System

TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk System

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The TrumpetBox Contactless Kiosk is a Business WIFI marketing and outbreak SMS notification kiosk system that turns your clients mobile phone into an information kiosk with powerful notification abilities. TrumpetBox kiosk is an access point that clients connect to on location and view your interactive kiosk interface to perform services or opt-in to receive notifications while in person through their mobile devices at a safe distance.

TrumpetBox gives you the power to deliver your kiosk interface to multiple clients simultaneously on their mobile devices and collect relevant information directly from them at distances of 30 plus feet away.

TrumpetBox has the flexibility to be a useful solution in every industry, it runs on low power devices, requires no cellular data or internet, deploys fast, and can scale quickly. With our smart kiosk system you can replace standard forms, improve safety conditions, easily distribute outbreak notifications, and increases productivity.

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