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  • Trumpet Text Message Video Maker Tool

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Trumpet Text Message Video Tool  gives you the ability to easily create engaging videos in the style of a text message discussion. You create the story line customize the discussions and a high definition video will be mechanically rendered quickly. Your Video Maker is designed to allow you to customize every aspect of your video.

Useful in social media, funny messages to friends, marketing, education, explainer videos, listicles, etc.

Full Customization:

  • Change Messaging App Top bar Color

  • Change WiFi Status

  • Change Charging Status

  • Change Time & Date

  • Change Notification Message User Icon

  • Change Background Wallpaper

  • Change Name of Chat

  • Change First Notification Message Text

  • Change Story Written By Text

  • Self Message Feature

  • Delay in Sending Message

  • Status Feature (Example: Seen by xx)

  • Unlimited Text Stories (With Group Story too)

Note: Trumpet Text Message Video Maker Works on Windows OS Only

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